Enterprise-class LMSEnterprise-Class LMS

The Compliance eLearning solution from ComplianceBay starts with the ComplianceBay Learning Management System (LMS) that meets the requirements of organisations of all sizes. Integrate the LMS to your existing IT Infrastructure using SAML SSO. Track and report completion using Advanced Reporting and API Connectivity. Portal Branding takes care of maintaining  the organizational brand in learner experience. Our Compliance eLearning solutions hosted on ComplianceBay LMS, offer an exceptional user experience. You can customise the LMS’ learner dashboard to reflect your preference. Reporting options that are native to the LMS ensure that completion tracking is available at the click of a button.
You name it, we have it!

Engaging compliance eLearning ProgramsEngaging Compliance eLearning Programs

All our compliance eLearning programs like IT Security Awareness, GDPR Data Protection Awareness , etc., are highly interactive, animated, voice-included and accurate. If you care about effectiveness, you must try our courses or talk to our customers. Our courses are CPD certified to meet the learning needs of corporate learners. CPD certification also ensures your learners are experiencing learning at the highest level of proficiency. The IT Security Awareness course is also winner of the “Editor’s Choice Security Training” from Cyber Defense Magazine, USA. Our courses follow established adult-learning principles to increase learner retention. 

Bespoke DevelopmentBespoke / Custom Content Development

Even though our courses are curated, we know that one size does not fit all. We can customise our courses to meet your organisational policies, procedures and requirements. Be it on Aero-Space or Medical Procedures, we can deliver the eLearning content exactly to your audience’s level of understanding. You imagine, we deliver. These courses will be delivered with no expiry date. Let’s talk.


Popular Courses

CPD Certified


Our courses on ComplianceBay are CPD Certified following strong Instructional Design principles. Structured CPD/active learning involves interactive and participation-based study. All our courses are CPD compliant, interactive, animated, and engaging. It’s not just a click-and-read course like what the rest of the eLearning market offers, it is a complete immersive experience. We are sure your learners would love the course, just like so many of our existing learners.


ISO Certified



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Our organization has greatly benefited from the development and implementation of a security awareness program provided by Succeed. The customization and adaptive learning that was delivered by this team was truly helpful and intuitive.

IT Director, Technology Company, Silicon Valley
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I was very happy with the Security Awareness training. We only made some minor changes and overall the module had a good balance of content and found the right level covering the basics and emphasising the key messages.

IT Security Manager | Aggreko
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This course was three times better than the best course I have seen in the market.

GDPR Consultant | UK